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YouTube Ads for Small Businesses and Why it’s Important

YouTube has more to it than just watching your favorite “Charlie Bit My Figure” remixes. As of now, it brings in over 2 billion users per month and is the second most popular website after Google. If you’re not taking advantage of this booming platform, then you might be missing out on a huge opportunity.

YouTube is a great way to gain awareness for your business, products, or services. Here are a few statistics to further prove our point:

  • 96% of people have watched instructional “how-to” videos to learn about a product or service. These are great ways to create useful content that will keep your target audience engaged.

  • A whopping 90% of global shoppers say they’ve discovered new products or brands on YouTube. This is a great way to get your small business in front of the eyes of consumers who have never heard of your brand.

  • 70% of people say they’ve bought a product after seeing it on YouTube shows the credibility this platform offers its users.

Below are some examples of different ways to utilize YouTube's advertising products.

Create a shopping experience using YouTube ads

Create leads for your business using YouTube ads

There are also SEO benefits to consider when utilizing YouTube. While YouTube can provide you with additional reach, since they are paired with Google, they would be able to provide you with an SEO boost. If you have a YouTube video that is doing well, you could embed it in a blog post with similar keywords to help both pieces of content. This combination could be very powerful and while you slowly build up your YouTube presence, you would be doing your website a favor. Also remember, Google wants people to stay on YouTube watching videos for as long as possible. So posting additional YouTube links in your description will also help with your SEO! Try not to send people off the platform as much as possible, or Google/YouTube will look at that unfavorably.

Again, YouTube ads are a great way to reach your core audience, create engaging content, and find new shoppers that would be interested in your brand. If your business is interested in learning more, fill out our contact form and setup a free consultation.

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