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What's a Tracking Pixel? Why You Should Know

Have you ever been browsing the web, viewed a product, and then magically gotten ads for said product in the following weeks? Maybe you’re seeing the ads across the web or even on your social media. This is all due to marketing pixels, aka tracking pixels.

So what is a Tracking Pixel?

Tracking pixels are small snippets of code placed on a website that track a user’s behavior. Sound creepy? It can be. While tracking pixels can monitor all types of behavior it’s typically best practice to stick to the actions that make most sense for the business, advertiser and customer alike.

Most of the time, this code is simply registering that you visited a site, viewed a product, or even made a purchase. Depending where you're at in the purchase process, the most relevant ad will be delivered to you. They also help advertisers track campaign performance and even build an audience of interested customers to retarget for future campaigns. This user behavior allows us as advertisers to deliver the most relevant and interesting ad to you at the right time.

While tracking pixels beneficially give businesses and advertisers a peak into their online customers’ behavior, it’s more important than ever to keep data privacy in mind. Data protection advocates are working to ensure that customers know which data is being gathered. A good business should be upfront about their privacy policy and what information they’re collecting.

Now you know that these little snippets of code can make a big difference.

Want to learn more about how tracking pixels can benefit you? Fill out our contact form and setup a free consultation.

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