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Eric and Tyler met in 2012 while studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. Since then they've travelled across Mexico, Iceland, Canada, Europe and even a three month stint in Southeast Asia. Both Eric and Tyler received their Business Marketing degrees at the University of San Diego. After college, the duo began their advertising careers in Los Angeles where they worked for a multitude of ad agencies. Their variety of professional experience across different agencies and clients is what ultimately led them to consider starting their own agency.

So what is "F26"? During an Iceland trip in 2017, Tyler and Eric found themselves with a flat tire after crossing a river on a 4x4 road. This road, route F26, represents our passion for travel and acts as a reminder that with the right mindset any of us are capable of getting out of tricky situations. 





Strategic Consultant 

After moving to Los Angeles with a marketing degree in hand, I found myself drawn to advertising agencies. I began my career on an Out of Home media team (think billboards) but quickly saw that my appetite for advertising was broader. Since that first job, I've worked across integrated teams in the digital and traditional space where I planned everything from multi-million dollar paid social plans to custom integrations with Amazon. This variety of experience has allowed me to touch a multitude of industries (automotive, alcohol, .coms, healthcare, etc.). 

As your strategic consultant I look beyond the weeds and at the bigger picture. How can we put your goals into actionable items with data-driven results. I'm there every step of the way to show you how your advertising spend is working for you. At the same time, I'm your day-to-day contact for any updates and optimizations we're making. 

Outside of my love for marketing is a passion for all things automotive. I'm a fan of anything with an engine including cars, old motorcycles, campers and even the occasional boat. At the same time, I'm a true fan of traveling and anything outdoors. I work to spend as much time as I can there. 

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Technical Consultant 

Ever since studying marketing at the University of San Diego, I've always had a strong passion for digital marketing. With over five years of experience working at media agencies, I have worked on a plethora of clients, including: Nissan, Oakley, Domino's, The American Heart Association, LifeProof, Miele, Online Trading Academy and Brembo. Working with these clients has given me the technical and analytical skills I need to help take any business goals and turn them into an actionable campaign that is customized to your business needs. 


My goal as your technical consultant is to get to know your brand and business objectives so I can dig into the data and curate what works best for you. With many years of experience handling: social, paid search, video, display, out of home (OOH) and print, I ensure you that I will be able to find what works best for your company to reach your target audience and drive results. 


Although my professional career has been mostly a digital and data driven background, I do actually have a life outside of Facebook Business Manager and spreadsheets. What I enjoy most is: camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, baseball, football, basketball, scuba diving, traveling, day trading and spending time with my family and friends.  

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